Building and elevating your team one talented individual at a time.

Group Evans is a national search firm that specializes in the recruitment and permanent placement of outstanding medical professionals.  Many of the strongest, most progressive health care providers in the country rely upon Group Evans to identify, evaluate and recruit those medical professionals who stand out as exceptional in their field.

We offer our clients the combined resources, expertise and networking ability of several of the most experienced and successful medical recruiters in the search and placement industry.  We have an established record of success in staffing a variety of facilities ranging from major metropolitan medical centers to small rural hospitals and specialty clinics.  Whether you need a knowledgeable generalist with strong multitasking skills,  an accomplished specialist with specific clinical expertise, or a seasoned administrator with proven leadership ability,  we are  well prepared to provide exceptional candidates for all levels of your organizational chart.

As a client driven company we are interested in forming long term relationships.  Our goal is to be the search firm you trust and depend upon to deliver highly motivated and qualified professionals who will elevate your team and enhance the growth and success of your organization.  We look forward to partnering with you and your organization to assist you in achieving your team building goals.